Welcome to Lu Putu blog!
Posted on Thu 28th November 2013 7.00AM in category TRAVEL IN BALI

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Welcome to Lu Putu Blog ! 

Hi there! All nice Peoples and Travellers,

And welcome to our new blog - we think we will give a brief introduction about what it is all about, what you can expect and how you can participate.
First of all, this blog is a corner of the internet, where you can find information, opinions, comments, and in-depth diving about Tourism in Bali. We hope to keep our posts relatively brief, but cannot promise we will be able to refrain from writing that has been read for a long time at any time.
However, what we can promise is that we will keep it relevant, based on opinions and related to what is happening around Bali.
If by chance you find an interesting blog post and have comments or questions, you can contact the discussion section below each post. And if you do, relevant and feasible. Otherwise, we have the right to delete your comment.
Please make sure you come back soon and check out what we are up to, as well as to find out about and exciting new offers and promotions we may be running!
Finally, our blog post are, in fact, our blog post and belongs to the author. So don't abuse them. But you are always more than happy to share around you and feel free to ask us any questions or tell us topics you’d like us to write about. We’re gonna share with you all the tips, secrets and things we’ve learned over the years. Hope you enjoy your holiday and find beauty, peace and fun in this Island.

Lu Putu

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